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To fly South African registered aircraft you must have your pilot licence validated in accordance with regulations of the South African Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). After protracted negotiations with the authorities we have been able to achieve some very positive results and to do a foreign licence validation for PPL/VFR/DAY privileges with SKYAFRICA is now quick and easy.

This is how it works:

  • Send us your documents up front
  • We arrange the paperwork for you
  • When you arrive at the SKY hangar you can be in the air in as little as half a day

This basically means we have achieved the following advantages for you:

  • All administrative procedure can be done before your arrival
  • The tutorials and flight-testing can be done within a day and you can fly straight away without wasting valuable holiday time shuttling to and from the CAA’s offices.
  • Validations can now be done on weekends and public holidays – no need to wait for open SACAA opening hours
  • Validation is now valid for up to 5 years – great for clients who come and fly with us several times a year
Here is a detailed breakdown of the steps needed to take to get your South African validation sorted out as quickly as possible:

1. You need to send us either the original OR certified copies of your:

    a. Valid licence
    b. Medical certificate
    c. Radio licence
    d. Attestation of ICAO English language proficiency
    e. Two last pages of your logbook or pages showing recent experience and/or an instructor’s sign-off for the specific aircraft type or class you intend to fly
    f. Two colour passport photos
    g. Copy of passport page showing photo and passport number
    h. Completed CAA form 61-01.13: Download 61-01.13 (Also download the sample form to assist you when filling out the form:Sample Form
    i. Prescribed fees (not necessary if you have paid SKY booking deposits)
    j. A logbook summary showing:

      1. Total time
      2. Time PIC
      3. Time dual

Documents must be certified by a solicitor, attorney, police station, municipal offices, justice of the peace, commissioner of oaths or any other person qualified to certify documents. Important: Documents CANNOT be certified by a Flight School.

2. We will check the docs and hand them in at the SACAA

3. THE SACAA will upon receipt of the above issue a PPL / VFR /DAY licence validation which will be endorsed with the following wording:

For private day VFR operations only, provided that – “The holder of this validation may only exercise the privileges of the licence if in compliance with CAR 61.01.13(5)(a)”. Prior to the privileges of the validation for the PPL (VFR) being exercised, ATO’s are to ensure that the applicant first successfully completes;

    A. an appropriate South African Air Law examination at an approved ATO
    B. a flight test at an approved ATO, with a Grade I or ll flight instructor, and
    C. completes a Density Altitude Tutorial conducted by at least a Grade 3 instructor
    D. has the above three items endorsed in his logbook by the testing instructors
    E. forwards proof to the CAA within 30 days of completion of the requirements (a), (b), (c)
    and (d) ab

4. This licence validation will be issued for the same validity period as shown in the applicant’s licence with a maximum validity period of 60 months.

5. We will collect your licence from the CAA

6. You will then arrive in South Africa and

    a. attend a tutorial encompassing Air Law and Density altitude conducted by SKYAFRICA Flight Training
    b. complete an Air Law test conducted by SKYAFRICA Flight Training
    c. complete a PPL flight test conducted by SKYAFRICA Flight Training

All the above will be done with a flight instructor at the SKYAFRICA Flight Training facility. If you are a current Pilot is not difficult, and no government examiners are involved. Both the written test and the check ride are easily accomplished in a few short hours. You can fly the same day you arrive!

7. Once the above three actions are successfully completed, your logbook will be endorsed by the SKYAFRICA Flight Training testing instructor and you may with immediate effect exercise the privileges of your licence.

8. SKYAFRICA Flight Training will then on your behalf return the documents to the SACAA within the 30 day period.

Validations done without pre-arrangements
If there is insufficient time to send documents to us prior to your arrivals then the validation process will take a little longer. Upon your arrival we will submit the original documentation. Provided all your documents are in order the CAA will as a rule issue your licence validation on the same day. So you will have to plan for an extra day on your itinerary and ensure it’s a weekday

Recent experience:
Before arriving in South Africa pilots are STRONGLY urged to fly with an instructor in the specific type of aircraft you intend to fly. You should review air work, soft and short-field landings, and navigation. An instructor’s sign-off of this dual is sufficient to satisfy the South African legal requirements for a sign-off in type.

Insurers of SKYAFRICA aircraft require pilots to have a minimum amount of experience (logged time) in the aircraft type or class. We’ll need to know your experience in the specific aircraft you intend to fly.

You must have and bring with you to South Africa these original documents:

  • All original documents as stated in The Validation Process: 1. a to i
  • Pilot log book showing an instructor’s endorsement in the type, make and model aircraft you intend to fly in South Africa. It should ALSO show PIC time in that make and model aircraft. If your experience in the aircraft you intend to fly is logged in an old logbook, bring the old one too
  • You must be current
  • Your medical must be up to date and you must have a current radio licence

Type Specific requirements:
If your license is Type Specific, then you must be current in the aircraft you intend to fly BEFORE arrival in South Africa.
Being current in a C-182 does NOT qualify you to fly a C-172; being current in a PA-28-180 does NOT qualify you to fly a PA-28-181.

Class Specific requirements: EASA, JAR and FAA
If you carry an FAA or JAR, EASA or other class specific license you are to make sure that aircraft you will fly in South Africa fall within the class of aircraft stated in your license.

    Aircraft operated by SKYAFRICA fall into the following 2 categories:

  • Single-engine piston (land) = C150, C152, C172, Pa28-162
  • Single-engine piston (land) with variable pitch propellers (VP) = C-182, Pa28-235, Pa32-300

If you want to fly a plane equipped with a VP prop, please ensure that your logbook states that you have done the differences training in a SE with a VP prop. This may be done in another type. Example: If you have done your differences training in a Beechcraft Bonanza you may fly a C-182.

If you have not flown the aircraft type that you want to fly in South Africa for a prolonged period (24 months) or if the Sky Instructor doing your checkout finds deficiencies in your flying skills, further differences training or a proficiency check in that variant will be carried out.

Please Note:
Please never, ever send your documents by postal service, not even registered mail! It will NOT arrive!

Use a courier like DHL or Fedex and advise the courier of our address and that they HAVE TO PHONE us before delivery, because access to our offices and terminal need to be arranged.

Our delivery address for parcels and documents:

    89 East Road
    Brentwood Park
    1501 Gauteng
    South Africa

Please Note:
This is not our postal address! Please do NOT send us letters; it is the physical address that receives courier deliveries. Thank you.

Contact details
Our cell phone contact numbers are:
Janna: +27 71 607 7109 or
Karl: +27 82 563 3314

Feel free to phone us or leave us a text message, or both. :)

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