African Sky Cruises

Your Luxury Flying Limousine

African Sky Cruises - Your Luxury Flying Safari Limousine

African Sky Cruises are niche flying safaris geared to the interests of top end seasoned adventure travellers who are active, intellectually curious and interested in gaining insights into Africa’s history, cultures, geography and biological diversity. During your African Sky Cruise a SkyPilot and airplane will be at your disposal throughout the entire safari, and will fly you to your destinations in spectacular old world style, affording you time to concentrate on the good things in life from the world’s finest viewing platform – the African Sky.

Your holiday begins from the moment you touch down at Johannesburg Airport and are greeted by a SkyAfrica representative who will assist you with your luggage and transfer you to the SkyTerminal. There you will have the chance to freshen up and enjoy a bit of bubbly before stepping into your flying charriot and begin your voyage. The great thing about our flying safaris is that, unlike the usual charters who mainly aim to fly passengers from one lodge to the next as quickly as possible, all of our flights are part of the safari experience. Our routes are carefully chosen to showcase the beautiful scenery below, allowing you to view Africa from a very unique perspective, and of course, providing amazing photo opportunities.

On an African Sky Cruise your airplane and SkyPilot are at your disposal at all times, which mean that your holiday time is truly your own. There are no scheduled departure times to adhere to, no annoyingly long queues at airports, no invasive security checks, no having to be at the airport 3 hours before the flight leaves. It is amazing how much holiday time gets wasted doing these mundane things. Not with us! Your SkyPilot will take care of all formalities, and you will love the flexibility this type of travel affords you.

Confident people with patience, consideration and a positive attitude gain the most from our flying safaris. Some tell us that exploring Africa in the company of knowledgeable and stimulating crew and fellow travellers has been the most interesting and enjoyable experience of their lives. Simply stated, an African Sky Cruise is a special voyage for special people, and ensuring the right match of destination and activities is the key to a splendid experience. That’s what we at SkyAfrica specialise in.

your own airplane - your own pilot - your african safari - in your own time


You will board our SkyAfrica Limousine upon arrival in South Africa and the craft will be at your exclusive disposal for the entire trip. Sit back and enjoy the soft leather seats whilst sipping on a glass of bubbly.
That’s the beauty of it! No waiting at airports, bus terminals or car hire queues – no shoving of luggage. You can expect to gain one full daylight day on a 10 day journey and 2 days of valuable holiday time on 14 day trip.


SkyAfrica pilots and guides (SkyGuides) will be at your service throughout the trip. Our pilots represent the cream of professional aviators crop. Most are airline pilots as well as flying instructors and accomplished bush pilots. Also trained as bush guides, they combine their passion for flying with their love for nature and the African wilderness. They will look after you and take care of the hard parts – you relax.
Our professional SkyGuides will conduct all flight segments as scenic flights, giving you a birds-eye view of Africa’s unspoilt nature. Sit back and enjoy the vista through large panoramic windows gliding through African skies. During every journey we will also conduct special scenic flights over places of interest i.e. the Victoria Falls, Fish River Canyon, Namib Desert, Cape of Good Hope, and so forth.


Our tours are all-inclusive and 5-star. There is no age limit and you will be accommodated in lavish lodges and hotels. Flying with us enables you to experience specially selected remote regions of unsurpassed beauty and splendour.
At SkyAfrica the safety of our clients, staff and aeroplanes are of the utmost importance, which is why we ensure that all aircraft are well maintained and our pilots highly experienced. Safety is one aspect of flying we will never compromise on.


At SkyAfrica, all of our safaris are tailor-made to suit your time schedule, interests and budget. Here you will find some of our most popular safaris, but the itineraries are completely flexible and you are most welcome to suggest a safari routing of your own.

African Dream Safari

Botswana – Zimbabwe – Zambia – Malawi – Mozambique

Incredible Africa

The best of South Africa’s Game Reserves

Namibian Odyssey

Discover the wonders of Namibia

Journey of the Sunbird

Kalahari Desert – O’kavango Delta – Chobe River – Victoria Falls