Newsletter January 2009

Here is the link to our January newsletter edition, which includes the SkyAfrica Programme for 2009, as well as a report on jet flying.

Link to January 2009 Newsletter (.pdf)

One of this year’s highlights will be the “Eagles” get-together, taking place on 04. April during the AERO International Trade Exhibition for General Aviation in Friedrichshafen/Germany, to which we invite all Africa enthusiasts, as well as all of the well-known faces of the pilots that have come and flown with us over the years. We will be sending out detailed information on the topic a little closer to the time.

On a side note:
Flying and travelling in South Africa has not been this cheap in a long time! With the current gratifying exchange rate, our hire rates for C-172 lie at 65Euro/h and less than 90Euro/h for a C-182. Validations at SkyAfrica can be completed in one day.

Affordable Fuel prices:
Avgas: converted into Euros, the current price lies at around 0.76 Euro/Litre. A real bargain compared to the 2+ Euros you pay in Europe.
Erdinger Weißbier: approximately 30% cheaper in South Africa than in Erding! Now if that isn’t a good selling point, what is?

Take advantage of the attractive exchange rates and enjoy the beauty of Southern Africa. Hour Builders should contact us for special rates.

Aviation Humour:
Pilot: “Good morning, Frankfurt Ground, KLM 242 request start up and push back, please.”
Tower: “KLM 242 expect start up in two hours.”
Pilot: “Please confirm: two hours delay?”
Tower: “Affirmative.”
Pilot: “In that case, cancel the good morning!”

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