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About Us

About usFounded in 1981 by a then still young and rather good-looking chap who initially just wanted to fly his mates around Africa, SkyAfrica has gone from strength to strength, allowing like-minded aviation and Africa enthusiasts to explore this great expansive continent, its people and amazing wildlife in one of the best ways possible – by airplane! Come fly with us…

What we do

SkyAfrica Plane & LionWell, in a nut shell:

  • African Sky Cruises
  • Self-Fly Safaris
  • Bush Pilot Training
  • Hour Building
  • Flight Training
  • Foreign Licence Validations
  • and lots more…

SKY News!

SkyAfrica Newsletter Sign UpEvery couple of months we send out our colourful & informative newsletters with up-to-date news concerning:

  • Latest flying safaris
  • Bush Pilot Course Dates
  • Travel Adventure Stories
  • Safari Travel Advice
  • And much much more

Welcome to SkyAfrica!

SkyAfrica specialises in offering tailor-made African flying safaris throughout Southern Africa and beyond! If you are a pilot, you can enjoy one of our exciting Self-Fly Safaris and captain your own plane (either on your own, in a group or with a safety pilot) whilst discovering the sights and sounds of Africa. And if you happen to be an avid traveller who wishes to sit back, relax and be guided through the sky by a pilot who knows his way around Africa, you can take part in one of our hugely popular African Sky Cruises.

Whilst we are very big on African flying safaris at SkyAfrica, we also offer a vast array of other aviation related adventures and services. If you are a keen aviator and understand the importance of honing your flying skills and keeping them current, you should join us on one of our sought after Bush Pilot Training Courses. Or you can join SkyAfrica Flight Training and focus on obtaining your Private Pilot, Commercial or EASA ATPL. If you are looking to gain more experience and clock up valuable flying hours you can make use of our great and affordable Hour Building Packages, which combines the accumulation of flying hours with an African flying adventure.

In addition, you can also do a simple hire & fly, challenge yourself and your nerves by flying in a jet, enjoy scenic flights over Johannesburg and Pretoria, or enjoy a bit of Old Timer flying. The possibilities are virtually endless!

Discover the wonders of Africa from the world’s best viewing platforms: the sky!

Come fly with us…